Performance: We offer a very stable network with an uptime of more than 99. 5%

Dependability: Aeroway utilises TDM/MIMO Multiplexing for RF last mile to deliver constant bandwidth to its end users. This Technology is greatly resistant to interference, jamming and with better obstacle penetration capability delivering higher QOS and uptime.

Manageability: Aeroway has been designed to provide a complete control over its wireless network, from a centralized location and has full access to monitor performance, optimize the network and modify subscriber's requirements.

Scalability: Your business can grow along with our system. New nodes can be added and inter-linked to the existing network within a short time. The Possibilities of expansion are immense.

Ease of Installation: One of the most important considerations for cost- containment is of installation. Aeroway has designed installation with this in mind. All of our Radio features Power-over-Ethernet (POE) and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) solutions which are integrated together. This means the entire CPE is mounted outdoors on a Mast or on a wall.

Service: Aeroway offers a wide van'ety of High Speed internet access. We offer from plain Internet service to customized packages to suit individual need. Aeroway's advantage is its Ultra Reliable backbone link to internet.

For a very low and very competitive monthly subscription you get:

  • A professionally engineered wireless link.
  • Professional installation and testing of all wireless equipment's.
  • Best throughput rates.
  • Reliable technical Customer support and courteous Field support engineers.